Easy Answers and Smooth Transitions

“This one is for all you girls, about 25

In little apartments just trying to get by

Livin’ on, on dreams and spaghettios

Wonderin’ where your life is goin’ to go”

I remember listening to the Martina McBride song as a child and thinking, “Wow, 25, that’s so old!  Shouldn’t these girls already know where their life is going to go?”  

Now, at age 25, change ‘spaghettios’ to rice and noodles, and this verse sums up my life.

Recently a friend made a comment about how life doesn’t happen with the “easy answers and smooth transitions” that we would like.  That phrase stuck out to me.

I have been reading in 1 Samuel and am struck by how David is constantly fleeing from Saul.  Here he has clearly been selected by the Lord through Samuel to be Israel’s king, yet prior to his kingship his life is spent on the run.  If I was David, I would be saying, “Excuse me Lord, but am I really supposed to be king?  If so, why is my life constantly in danger at the hands of foreigners and my own people, why did you allow my best friend Jonathan to die, why must I always be hiding and hanging out with a band of discontent, desperate, in-debt men?  Doesn’t being a future king mean a free pass and an easy ride?”

In 1 Samuel 23, David asks the Lord if he and his men should go to Keilah to rescue the city from the invading Philistines.

God says go!

David and his men rescue the city but the plot thickens as Saul hears of David’s whereabouts and seeks to kill him.  David then inquires of the Lord if the citizens of Keilah will hand him and his men over to Saul.

The Lord says yes.

At that point, I would be questioning the Lord about bringing me to rescue a city where the citizens would traitorously turn me over to my enemy.

God reveals the plan to David one step at a time.  David was a man with no easy answers and smooth transitions that most of us long for.  And as a result, we get some of the most beautiful cries of man to God in the Psalms.  These Psalms come out of the heat of the fire not from a flower-lined garden path.

Like my friend, I am yearning for easy answers and smooth transitions.  The second half of 2017 will be much different from the first half.  I will be leaving my China life and heading to where I know not and be surrounded by whom I know not.

So many of the Psalms proclaim, “Sing a new song to the Lord.”

Like David, I want to learn how to sing a new song to the Lord in part 2 of 2017!


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